One Month Old

We’re three days shy of closing out our first month at Clermont Bluffs Bed and Breakfast. And since this is our first night in almost two weeks without guests, I thought I’d take a few minutes to let everyone in on how things are going.  First, there are many parallels between my life as a finance professional and as an innkeeper.  Let me list them for you….there.  Done.  I won’t bash my previous career.  There are many benefits that came with it.  Security, advancement, opportunity.  And in the niche world of non-profit finance, where I spent the last 16 years of my career, there was the added benefit of knowing your were part of a larger purpose, even if somewhat removed from the front lines of the organization’s “mission”.

Like finance, there’s certainly elements of innkeeper’s duties that are repetitive and stressful.  Don’t scoff.  Ten minutes before breakfast is to be served, your partner can unexpectedly walk into the kitchen with a Q-tip end broken off in his ear canal, wanting a ride to the ER.  Or the wind can blow over a bouquet of roses on the front porch, minutes before a young man planning to propose to his girlfriend return from their dinner date.  The struggle is real, y’all.

But regardless of these things the real difference for me (and Doug when I’m lucky enough to have him around) is that now, I have the honor…the absolute privilege…of sharing very special moments and memories with people who’ve generously trusted us with this opportunity.  In just three weeks time, we’ve have a 50th birthday celebrated with a 50 mile bicycle ride on the trace, a romantic getaway for a couple of bluebird enthusiasts celebrating their one-year anniversary, an 84th birthday for gentleman searching out his personal history and the place of his birth (three doors down from me), and finally a very romantic marriage proposal on our front porch, complete with roses, champagne, and strawberries for the son of a life-long friend and his beautiful (now) fiancé.   Each were looking for a specific and unique experience, and ended up at our front door.  I really struggle to believe that I have been a part of all of this in such a short span of time.  And I have no doubt that I’ll remember these people and their stories for years to come.

Bikes are available for an easy, 5 minute ride to the city center.
The Historic Natchez Foundation generously helped these two research family history.
Our friendly Californians drove up the beautiful Natchez Trace Parkway and took some awesome photos of Windsor Ruins.