Kickoff for the Natchez Festival of Music

Live music is mostly about getting the venue right.  Being able to see and hear the artist is kind of what it’s all about.  Giant outdoor venues can be fun, but I always seem to end up next to a new couple that’s more interested in getting to know one another than enjoying the show.  This is not a problem at the Natchez Performing Arts Center. Like so many public buildings it has been repurposed.  The home of Natchez High School from 1927 until 1963, it is a quintessential “Rydell High” high school of the era.

Vasti Jackson was a real pleasure to watch last Saturday.  He is a natural on stage.  Always in the right place with the right moves.


The Natchez Festival of Music continues through May with many different types of Music and performances hosted in many historic venues.  From arias to Elvis, come enjoy live performances in unique venues where the music can be heard and performance enjoyed, all in an historic setting that is uniquely Natchez.