Many Many a-Guinea Henny…and Then There Were None

So we were at a birthday party for our friend Mel in Baton Rouge and some chick (pun) who was like a junior marketing type person was listening to stories about our new home at Clermont Bluffs Bed and Breakfast.  We discussed the size of our yard, the challenges with being surrounded by so much nature, keeping away pests and such…well this chick starts talking about chickens and how great they are to have around…as watch dogs and protectors (against insects and pests).  A few weeks later, voila.  We decided on Guinea hens and bought six of them from  I have suggested they consider changing their name to   or

Tune in to the videos below for an update on the guineas, and…not to give it away…but their successors.

Well, we learned a lot from our bunch of Brady hens, and now we’re ready to give poultry another push.  First thing we learned is obviously, don’t take poultry advice from a drunk lady with a marketing degree at a birthday party.  That valuable lesson aside, we also learned that guineas are very difficult to domesticate   They are basically considered by many to be just short of wild. Instead, we were directed by several knowledgeable guests in a different direction.

And now for a video of the new chickens, instead of my thumb…