Live Blues Music comes to Clermont Bluffs B&B


What a special night!  The Belgian Brothers of all things Blues came by our place last night.  It was a real honor to have Marc and Luc Borms, along with the BEAUTIFUL Ms Jackie Cummings, spend an evening in our front parlor.   Live Blues Music filled the hous

One thing I’ve learned since moving here is that many Europeans have a deep affection for the South and for Mississippi.  The culture, history, music, food and people are intriguing to them in ways that most of us from these parts have a hard time wrapping our brains around.  But for these guys, the draw is much stronger.  They’ve been coming to our region for years, have explored our history in authoring several books, and written and performed the blues in impressive fashion.

Here’s a little taste of what we heard:

They will be performing tonight upstairs at Biscuits & Blues.  On Sunday at Gabriel House there will be whole afternoon of kicking back and enjoying things, from 1 to 5.  And next week they’ll be at Smoot’s Grocery.  Marc is a trained classical pianist and Luc can absolutely make his harmonica talk!  And aside from all the talent, they’re just really nice people.

I’d guess that about 35% of the tourist who come to Natchez are European.  This totally caught me off guard.  When we first opened I was expecting mostly “romantic getaway” guests and “girl’s weekends”.   We do get lots of those and they have a great time.  But they have a better time when they realize just how many people from across the world deeply appreciate all we have here.

Natchez bars and restaurants regularly feature live blues music so reserve a room and spend some time with usTake a Blues Tour.  And kake a fresh look at all The South and Natchez has to offer, all that the rest of the world already knows is so special.

Here’s another taste to entice you.