Natchez Fall Pilgrimage – Clermont Bluffs Bed and Breakfast

Fall images of Natchez MS

Did you ever pass by a beautiful old home and think “I’d love to see the inside”?   Most of us have thought this, but many never get the chance or take the time.

Well, now is the perfect time and the perfect season!  Natchez has over 1 thousand homes on the National Register.  Several are museums, open year-round.  But most are private residences, diligently maintained by families.  During the Natchez Fall Pilgrimage a selection of these homes graciously open their doors to everyone!  So plan to visit us.   Pick out a comfortable room, and come stay with us while you visit the grandeur of these beautiful places.

Stanton Hall - Antebellum Home NatchezMississippi Flora

How does Pilgrimage work?

The Natchez Fall Pilgrimage is unique as an opportunity to enter these historic but private, family homes.  Where else can you visit so many otherwise private residences?   It helps to have an understanding of how it works.  We recommend by starting at the very well-staffed, Natchez Visitor Center.  Here you can purchase tickets, speak to professional guides, and get a handy map to help you navigate from home to home.

Special Event at Clermont Bluffs B&B – Narrative of a Slave

The Romantic South is alluring.  In Natchez, the grandeur of home and the beauty of our setting underscores the romance.  But this picture perfect world arose out of a social and economic system that was unjust and inhuman.  Or course, the reference here is to slavery.

Narrative of a Slave Event at Clermont - InformationBeautiful Grounds at Clermont

Natchez was home to the 2nd busiest slave market in the South, the Forks of the Road.  As younger visitors discover Natchez for themselves, they are more interested in a full picture of this beautiful place.  Out of respect to those who were oppressed by this system, we recognize that is essential to tell their story.  Without an honest and respectful representation of this history, there is a hole in our story.  And it becomes the proverbial elephant in the living room.

Miss Lou Heritage Tours will be presenting The Narrative of a Natchez Slave on October 7th.  Mr. Jeremy Houston has worked with others to develop this compelling story.  And what’s more, the Narrative will be adapted to tell the additional story of the Devil’s Punchbowl, which our home overlooks.  Learn how Union forces built the encampment in the Devil’s Punchbowl and how that led to the untimely death of perhaps thousands of recently freed slaves.