Natchez: the Magazine – features Clermont Bluffs B&B

Attic Bath Featured         

We are so excited to be featured in this month’s Natchez: The Magazine.  Bill Hillyer contacted us after seeing some of Doug’s photographs on Facebook.   When asked if we’d like to be featured, we of course jumped at the chance.

A collaborative effort between our contractor and us, the lack of alternative spaces is probably the primary factor in the decision to put a bath in the attic.  But boy did it ever work out.  Our guests love it.  And I dream of someday moving the master bedroom upstairs so that I can love it too.


Architectural Explanations

Mr. Hillyer does a great job of quickly detailing some of the decisions that went into the attic bath and some of it’s unique features.  It’s a brief two-page piece, but we couldn’t be more excited.  Thanks Ben and the Democrat!